Alessar (alessar) wrote in night_paladins,

Getting the Band Back Together

Beta aps for the Elder Scrolls online went up today and there was a place to name your guild and specify your website so I filled this in without thinking. I don't think it's unusual anymore to build cross-game friendships and community even if the game of origin has been moved on from.

Lately I've been encouraging people to socialize on our traditional Wednesday. I've still got the ventrilo server. Last week Howler, Doc, and I teamed up with level 40 characters in Rift and served Paladin-style justice to the Abyssal mobs thronging around Hammerknell fortress. Mura and EC were around for the socializing.

So, where have you all gone to? I know some people are doing Guild Wars 2. I was playing The Secret World for a while ~ what else?
Tags: announcements, members, playtimes, rift
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