Alessar (alessar) wrote in night_paladins,

Cross Posted Shout Out

Cross posting from the old CoH community:

If anyone is playing on the Homecoming servers there is a Legion of LiveJournal global channel. It's LOLJ of course. There's maybe 8 people who have reconnected so far.

I believe it may be set to private at the moment but you can message me or fka Big Angry to get on; we're both on a lot. I changed my global from @erydanus to @eridanus and BA is now @bishamon. Of the people from this community I've seen back so far, several are on Everlasting primarily and a few are primarily on Excelsior. I don't see anyone playing on Indomitable or Torchbearer much.

I'll update this post with other moderator globals as I get the chance.

Specifically to the Paladins, I did grab Paladins of the Night as a supergroup name on Excelsior. It's just me so far! So many new powersets to choose from and dark options for pretty much everyone, bwwhaahahaacoughhackwheeze.
Tags: global chat, supergroup
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