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Can't make it tonight

Can't make it tonight, so please gimme a holler and let me know what content you do and, if it's lowbies again, what level the team gets up to.


Ow, motherfucker.

Okay, due to your fearless leader having a root canal done today, there's no Paladin meeting today, 4/11.

Can't make it this week

The family is going to see the Phantom of the Opera sequel at Fathom Events Wednesday night, so I'll see you guys next week! Have fun storming the castle!

Rift Update

Due to server consolidations, the Paladins are moving from Atrophinius to Deepwood server, and the guild has already been moved. If you transfer a character, you will be auto-rejoined to the guild but will need to be promoted. Leave me a comment or tweet me as needed with questions. I can promote offline.

Still not feeling great

Sorry guys, my back is still sore - not as bad as it was, but it's really bugging me right now - and I don't think I'm going to make it tonight. I have con prep for Marscon this weekend (anyone else going to be there?) also. Bugger it, I was really planning to get on tonight, but my back is flaring up.

I'm gonna go take a handful of ibuprofin. See you all next week! Sigh.

And do let me know what you guys are doing - finished First Ward yet? Are there ideas being discussed for a new set of toons when Issue 22 comes out? (And do we have any idea when that will be?)


Happy 2012!

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and here's hoping for a great year ahead!

I'm not sure if I can make it tonight, though, much as I'd like to. I have wrenched something in my back and may not be feeling up to being in a computer-compatible position. I am making special friends with a hot water bottle, though, which is helping.

Hopefully I won't have all the grace of the walking dead tomorrow, since I have a lunch meeting with my sister-in-law, one of her co-workers who is also one of our friends, and their boss, in the hopes that when my sis-in-law moves (this weekend; hope I'm up to helping drive her and her car down to Georgia) because after a year of looking she has finally gotten a job in Atlanta, that her boss will hire me to take her place. So here's hoping! Stupid back. Wish me luck!

Good fightin' all, if I don't make it tonight!

What're we doing tonight?

My availability is a little iffy and my memory is terrible. :)

Thanks in advance!

Can't make it tonight

I totally forgot ... I'm going to see Weird Al tonight! I always forget these things when I don't buy the tickets myself. Good thing my friend called when he did to make plans to meet up.

Lemme know if I need to do any catching up on my lowbie. Have a great game!

Sorry I didn't make it tonight

I got stuck working late, and LJ was down! Just lemme know what you all did please. Thanks!


I hope no one minds, I paid the rent on the Paladin base on Virtue today. It was only 2500. :)