Sark, bad, snark
  • alessar

Rift Update

Due to server consolidations, the Paladins are moving from Atrophinius to Deepwood server, and the guild has already been moved. If you transfer a character, you will be auto-rejoined to the guild but will need to be promoted. Leave me a comment or tweet me as needed with questions. I can promote offline.
  • daehith

Still not feeling great

Sorry guys, my back is still sore - not as bad as it was, but it's really bugging me right now - and I don't think I'm going to make it tonight. I have con prep for Marscon this weekend (anyone else going to be there?) also. Bugger it, I was really planning to get on tonight, but my back is flaring up.

I'm gonna go take a handful of ibuprofin. See you all next week! Sigh.

And do let me know what you guys are doing - finished First Ward yet? Are there ideas being discussed for a new set of toons when Issue 22 comes out? (And do we have any idea when that will be?)

  • daehith

Happy 2012!

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and here's hoping for a great year ahead!

I'm not sure if I can make it tonight, though, much as I'd like to. I have wrenched something in my back and may not be feeling up to being in a computer-compatible position. I am making special friends with a hot water bottle, though, which is helping.

Hopefully I won't have all the grace of the walking dead tomorrow, since I have a lunch meeting with my sister-in-law, one of her co-workers who is also one of our friends, and their boss, in the hopes that when my sis-in-law moves (this weekend; hope I'm up to helping drive her and her car down to Georgia) because after a year of looking she has finally gotten a job in Atlanta, that her boss will hire me to take her place. So here's hoping! Stupid back. Wish me luck!

Good fightin' all, if I don't make it tonight!
  • daehith

Can't make it tonight

I totally forgot ... I'm going to see Weird Al tonight! I always forget these things when I don't buy the tickets myself. Good thing my friend called when he did to make plans to meet up.

Lemme know if I need to do any catching up on my lowbie. Have a great game!