The Chronicles of the Paladins of the Night

Paladins of the Night
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This is the LJ community for the City of Heroes supergroup known as the Paladins of the Night and its spinoffs in other MMOs. The supergroup exists on two CoH servers, Virtue where the group is darkness-themed, and on Champion where it has a more general theme. The Virtue chapter also accepts members that can't have darkness powers if they are a very close thematic fit or particularly great concept.

The Paladins are members of a mysterious knightly organization that operates under cover of darkness to bring justice, somewhat like the Legacy Chain or the Night Watch. The Paladins of the Night are a powerful, dangerous crowd, and tend to be individuals that would cause more mainstream heroes to be wary of them. Members tend to have a supernatural or extradimensional origin, but magic origin alone does not guarantee a thematic match.

In addition to the two supergroups, there is also a rival villain group on Champion, the Blackguard Syndicate, intended as a place for Paladin members to play villains together.

There is also a Paladins of the Night guild in Guild Wars, which is currently aligned Kurzick.

The Paladins of the Night guild is also present in Rift, where it is a Defiant aligned group on the Atrophinius server. An auxiliary guild, House Argent, is the alt guild for Guardian players on Silkweb.

Due to activity by spammers, membership of the group is temporarily moderated, as the group uses open posting.
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